Only4videos is a platform that allows you to sponsor your onlyfans'link and increase your revenue in different ways. Using only4videos in all its functions, a creator of onlyfans gets to make at least 3 times as much monthly earnings as he does in onlyfans! Fantastic right?

Now we explain how

Every time you post a video you will be asked to enter your links including your onlyfans so that the customer who buys your video at the end of the video can see your onlyfans link and follow you in onlyfans as well. But the fantastic thing is that you earn 90% on each video seen by the customer! Just think that a few views are enough to make the same money that platforms like youtube and pornhub would only give you for millions and millions of views.

We also give you opportunities to earn with chats and posts. Attention we don't want to replace your onlyfans but help you make more revenue.As you well know, a creator in onlyfans makes more money with chats and personalized content than with subscriptions!

Statistics say that 70% of the money comes from chats and only 30% from subscriptions. Also, many subscribers are afraid to subscribe so as not to pay month­to­month but want to pay per interaction.

In only4videos we have a solution to boost your revenue by a lot.In fact, even without a subscription, a fan can write you in chat or buy your posts on your wall.

In the chat you can sell personalized content to your fan or get paid tips or always use if you want and when you want our innovative call and videocall system where the creators make more than 80% more of their earnings by getting paid for a personalized call or video call with his fan.

Additional service

We also have our very popular innovative Dickrating method where a fan can ask for a rating of her penis in exchange for money. Rating has a system designed for you so that you don't have to write anymore but just fill in a simple form with ratings and a little video that will make your fan super happy.

How to become a creator

To become creator go in the become creator's section insert photo of your document proving you are over 18 years old and within 48 hours you will be approved.


We pay every Wednesday of every week all withdrawal requests received before Wednesday.We make payments on Wednesday and they arrive in your account within 48 hours.To be paid, reach 100 euros), we will convert in dollar for you if your bank receive only dollar) enter your data to get paid in the payment method section and ask for your withdrawal. Remember to enter all your data

1. First name

2. Surname

3. Bank swift code

4. Country

5. International Bank Account Number

Otherwise the transfer will be incomplete and will be pending and you will have to fill it in again and request withdrawal.

Have fun and above all good earnings!